TEDxPortofSpain 2014

In 2012, I came back home from college, and was desperately searching for things to do in a society that does not really have networking opportunities. The months leading up to my return home, I would stalk Facebook, looking for events, or new companies to follow, anything interesting that I could do, other than party. Luckily my planning paid off and I was able to find myself in the right circles at the right time and that led to my attending TEDxPortofSpain 12.12.12. It was great. I was hooked. And at the end when Keita Demming got on stage and said if you'd like to volunteer just let us know. Well I definitely did. Little did I know that 2 years later, I'd be designing the entire theme and look and feel for the conference. After the team chose the theme Doing. Undoing. Redoing. it was up to me to visually represent that. Giselle Carr came up with this great concept of looking at bird swarms and how they are constantly changing, doing, undoing and redoing and thus this creative direction was born.
Photo by Marlon James
Photo by Kryptic Chewie
Photo by Marlon James
Photo by Marlon James

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