10 Things I Want to Share with the World

Honest answers
To questions one likes to ask.

Loud music
That makes you smile
Because it happens to be your favourite song.

Permission to pause 
My patience while I wait
For you to rest and recharge.

Unlimited, never dying phone battery life
So your anxieties stay at bay and
You can always be in touch with a loved one.

Long walks on the beach
Because everyone needs at least one cliche moment in their life.

A bottle of rum
To loosen your lips
Open your heart and 
Warm your soul.

More happy endings
So moving on is easier.

Pockets filled with forgotten hundred dollar bills
Every Sunday when you do your laundry.

Outdoor showers
With the strongest stream of water 
Just the right temperature to wash 
Everything bad away.

A place to call home
Not a house or space
But someone or something that feels like a hug