Constant change returns to same
Always back at one.
Start over.
Good times, smiles, delicious food, cinnamon and brown sugar, pineapple juice dripping from the side of your lips. 
No cause, always effect and affected. 
At first, a gentle breeze 
So soft, you could miss it 
Except for the old receipt that’s blown off the counter 
A reminder of the last time.
The grey rolls in 
Camouflaged as white newness
A change is indeed coming
Except it’s familiar 
You’ve been here before.
The white drips all over you 
Covering your body, moisturizing your skin, tingling your pores, blowing you over
Slowly tiring you out
You’ve been tricked again
Tricked into thinking you’ve been in control
Trapped in a circular repetition 
That has become your life.

The same eventually returns to constant change
Always back at one
Crawling back to the good times
Happy they return to steal your memory of what will be once more
But in the meantime
Smile and forget
Like the fool you’ve become
Abandon all sense for none
For the fleeting whisper of happy
Nested in your reflection
When you start over your cycle.