Jenny lived on Duke Street, downtown Port of Spain. Duke Street is the longest street in Port of Spain, running from East to West, crossing Richmond to St Vincent to Charlotte, pass the panyard, all the way up pass Piccadilly. Duke Street had a rum shop on every single corner. This is where Jenny grew up and this is where Jenny almost got into a fight with a boy. Jenny would walk to school every morning, walk home for lunch, walk back to school and back home every evening. Duke Street was Jenny’s street and everyone knew her there. Everyone also knew that even though there was a rum shop on every single corner, Jenny would never step a foot inside. She ‘fraid her mother beat her. She would never go in. 

One day, a boy, too dotish to name, put God out his thoughts and slap Jenny one hard batters, straight across her face because she called the dotish boy “chupid” (‘stupid’ for our non-Duke Street readers). Well, it was a hit and run because the dotish boy took off running on the longest street in Port of Spain and Jenny took off behind him. They passed Charlotte Street, dashed across Queen and Frederick, and the dotish boy (yes, that is his name now) well, he realised Jenny was going to catch up to him soon and he was getting tired. As they approached St. Vincent Street he noticed the rum shop, and knew that was his only chance to escape. He jumped in quick, disappearing into the darkness and rum-scented haven. 

Jenny stopped dead in her tracks, panting and debating whether the slap she would give the dotish boy outweighed the licks her mother would give her when one of the Duke Street macos tells her that Jenny went inside St. Vincent Street corner rum shop...after a boy! Jenny brooded, catching her breath and battling sense and revenge. In the end, sense prevailed and the dotish boy escaped Jenny’s retaliation. Duke Street is a long street after all and the dotish boy has to go home at some point. Jenny would beat him then!