Some projects happen in a month. Others can take a year. This branding for my cousin was unfortunately the latter. What I wanted to be a wedding gift ended up being a first anniversary present. My cousin approached me to do his wedding invitation and personal branding on the same day. It was like I won the lottery. His name is Marc and he came up with Marc'd for his business name with the best tagline ever: You've Been Marc'd. I think I loved it because of the spelling of his name. I really wanted the idea of being marked to come through in his brand somehow, and I think my fixation on that idea is why it took me a year to complete it. Sometimes designs come in my sleep, sometimes they come while I'm eating, but usually they come within the time period that I need them. Not this project. It took 8 months and multiple attempts before this finally happened. But I'm really glad it did. 

Photos used are for mock up purposes from Unsplash.