When I was in college, I was a member of the AIGA and used to go to monthly, casual networking events called The Buzz where you got to chat with other designers about projects. It helped me a lot as a college student because I got to see what working and freelancing designers were dealing with. It helped me as a designer to be able to talk to other people who understood what I was saying. A huge part of my college experience was networking and connecting with others whether for feedback or camaraderie. Then, I came back home. Trinidad is not so big on creating those type of opportunities for people. And I found that all the networking events I heard about were over priced and targeted towards the business sector. So The Social was born. Meant to be the overhead for all types of events that promoted networking locally, and the NetLime being the first step. The Social NetLime is a casual networking lime (hence the name).The format is really simple, I reserve a table at a local bar or restaurant, create and event page, and people show up and talk about work and life, relax, step away from their work for a bit and interact with others. I've had 5 successful events so far and hope to continue as long as time permits. I also make name tags to help encourage conversation, inspired by Creative Mornings Icebreaker tags. This is a bit of the content created for these events so far. 

Most of the images used are from Unsplash.