Knowledge might be power
But ignorance is bliss 
And those blue ticks remove any chance of happiness.
Gone are the days of waiting in line by a payphone to make a 3 minute call just to hear their voice and find out when next you could see each other
Gone are the days of msn messenger chats about nothing at all, 
That lasted until someone in either house had to use the landline to make a call. 
Now we have TICKS.
One grey tick that turns to two grey ticks that then turn blue.
And nothing about the lack of behaviour that follows said ticks is correct or right
Unfinished conversations, unanswered questions, and endless miscommunication.
These ticks are the demise of what once was sacred.
The art form that brought such joy, entertainment, company and comfort
Has been massacred 
A moment of silence for the death of communication.
The deceased has been replaced with games, and a poor excuse for discourse.
Those blue ticks take you back to that day in school when no one spoke to you,
Or that day you were randomly ignored or treated badly,
By that person who likes to make other people feel worse than they do, in order to make themselves feel better.
Those blue ticks say not now, I'm too busy to talk to you!
Those blue ticks say I'd rather post something on Facebook and reply to comments there than respond to your question.
Those blue ticks say that you are not important enough for me to take the second
Literally the second it will take, to type the 2 most hated letters put together to form a phrase, and hit SEND.
Those blue ticks make you crave an "ok" so you know they care,
So you know you matter,
So you know that someone you are communicating with has the decency to acknowledge you.
Because those blue ticks are not acknowledgment
Just in case you thought they were 
Those blue ticks symbolize nothing good
I long for when life was simpler
Phone calls, texts and even a letter
Back to when communication mattered
When human beings cared for one another
And where the daily feeling of being ignored and not cared about didn't come from the people closest to you and their blue ticks.